Books by Charlie Farrell

Courage to Lead

In management, sales, team building, parenting, or relationships, leadership will be the deciding factor for those who win. The inspiring novel is about a woman with extraordinary courage & vision & her attempt, in a strange twist of fate, to show a man how to become a leader. The most important aspects of leadership: credibility, caring, confrontation, responsibility, & trust are woven throughout a fascinating story with remarkable characters. Although written for adults, this book has been used in a major university business school class on organizational behavior & has gotten extremely high marks for being an easy & enjoyable way to learn the important basics of leadership.

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KYWO Cover

Keep Your Wallet Open and Your Mouth Shut

A humorous look at how fathers can survive the wedding of a daughter. Describes all the wild and crazy things people (mostly brides and mothers of the bride) do leading up to a wedding.

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Paschon and the Art of Dying

This novel is based on some true facts. In the early 1970s an art showing took place in a private residence on the windward side of Oahu, across the Pali Mountain from Honolulu. It featured nine paintings under the name Paschón. The attendees were an eclectic mixture of “howlies,” native Hawaiians, and couples (many of the men fighter pilots) from the nearby Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station.

The beautiful evening generated lots of excitement about the unique paintings. Subsequently, however, the art disappeared. One painting surfaced in 1992. The others have not been located. offers the one painting and a couple of theories surrounding this mystery.

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