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The Farrell Group
221 Lincreek Dr.
Columbia, SC 29212
(803) 394-8387


ProPlanner® Calendar Order Form
We do not accept orders transmitted through the internet; this is not a secure ordering website !

Please print this order form using your browser's Printer Icon, fill out the information
 and fax or mail the order to:


221 Lincreek Dr.
Columbia, SC  29212

Phone: (803) 407-6619                        Fax: (803) 407-3109

All orders must be accompanied by a check or money order (payable to ProPlanner), or fill out the credit card information on the order form.  Orders shipped to a South Carolina address must include 6% Sales Tax plus any local tax. Do not add tax for shipments outside South Carolina.  Shipping is by UPS ground or USPS.  Allow up to 4 days for coast to coast shipping.  Call for expedited shipments.  Cost of shipping and handling is $7.00 for the 1st ProPlanner® set (12 months), $2.00 for each additional 12 month set.

Each ProPlanner Set consists of 12 calendar refills for a 12 month (year) period, Look Ahead, and Phone Book

Ship To: Name:  ____________________________________________
   State:   ________

Zip:  __________

     Phone (_____) __________    
Payment: Check Enclosed  ___   Visa  ___ M/C  ___
      Card # __________________________  Exp ___/___
      Card Holder:_________________________________________
Start Month: The First Calendar Month Needed ________________

ProPlanner        # of Sets: ____  

$ 29.95 each 


Shipping & Handling      -1st Set 

$   7.00 each

$         7.00

                           Additional Sets

$   2.00 each $                

Vinyl ProPlanner Covers

$   7.00 each $                
    Subtotal $                
Discount-5% on Orders Over $50 $(              )
    Subtotal $                
  6 % SC Tax*** $                
Total $________
*** SC Tax varies depending on county and locality. Please add your local tax to the standard 6% sales tax. Please call if there is a question. And yes, they make us tax this shipping. No tax on deliveries outside South Carolina